New day poem with happy things waiting, new day greetings instead of good morning wishes to everyone.

New Year’s Day poetry is probably the most meaningful and sincere gift for relatives, lovers and friends with the hope that they will have a very happy and lucky day. The poems we introduce in this article are all finely written with all the emotions, although not sophisticated, but the positive messages conveyed in them are priceless.

Poetry to greet the new day with happy things waiting

This morning, send the people you care about a new day poem to let them know that you are still watching and wish them all the happiness. Give and you will receive in return. You give positivity, what you get in the end is love and joy. It’s great isn’t it!

New Day Poetry 1

Author: A Lonely Lifetime

Waking up in the morning listening to my heart

Another day of ups and downs

Pray for work to go smoothly

Peace, smooth, God bless.

Stop blaming the lonely and sad

Turn my heart to a tomorrow

Even though I don’t know the future

Still hoping to be happy one day not far away.

Sorrows are seen as smog

Although life is still floating

Listen to the birds singing

Peace of mind, life is a fairy

New Day Poems 2

Author: Huynh Minh

Flowers are here to send you gold

Welcome to the new day and ask a few words

Sleep peacefully at night

Do you dream, dream about a life partner?

Coffee please share

Beef noodle soup please eat it

Please don’t be shy

How delicious is it to use it naturally?

Peach cheek highlighter

More beautiful and more cheerful to greet the sun

The love we give will last forever

A deep sense of gratitude in return for love.

1662172766 210 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diepNew Day Poems 3

Author: Tieu Long Trinh

Sunshine contains a new day’s page

Happiness is everywhere

The future ahead is always bright

Let’s move forward together in the middle of a poetic life.

New Year’s Day Poems 4

Author: Huyen Tieu Sword Guest

The night is gone, the golden sun covers the way

Dawn rises and the night returns

The golden sun spreads all over the road

Bring joy everywhere

Hello new day, the sky is full of excitement

Bring a smile back to your lips

Happy New Year to all my friends

A happy and peaceful day

Wish you and your brother and sister

No worries, only fun

Huyen Tieu wishes everyone

A warm and happy day in life..!

1662172773 934 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diepNew Day Poems 5

Author: Dinh Phung

Welcome the evocative dawn light

Good morning dawn, night fades

Let the new day shine with golden sunshine

Singing birds, blooming flowers, floating clouds

The white cloud line spreads out

The wind is open and airy, a bit long

Welcoming us in the morning light

The sad night is over for a new day

The white page has just turned to a new page

Black ink pens also accept a few pairs

Morning poem was born

Give the poet a few words of love.

New Year’s Day Poems 6

Author: Snow Flower

The sky is getting brighter, wake up

Under the bustling space

Birds chirping in flocks call for you

The whole sky is full of flowers in full bloom.

Want to wake up to a warm sunrise

A cup of snow coffee wish you a good drink

To start the troubles

Welcome a new day to enjoy life

Early morning pink, sincere heart wishes!

Morning sweet, happy joyful!

New Day Poetry 7

Author: Nam Nguyen

The shining sun calls early in the morning

The girl is like spring with beautiful features

Already know again

You have a beautiful predestined matchmaking

This morning is windy

Happy birds nhảy đầm in harmony

The muse awkwardly shows off her new shirt

Lovely flowers..You are Ah

New Day Poems 8

Poetry: Diep Ly

Fragile rays of sunshine in the yard

Broken dew drops of sadness

Dawn dispels the darkness

Unfinished dreams are more humiliating.

A happy and peaceful day

Sent by the wind over thousands of miles

For those who are foggy and windy

Words of love and sincere memory of people.

Thousands of flowers blooming brightly

Not even the smile on her face.

New Year’s Day Poems 9

Poetry: Diep Ly

The day has come and the sun is knocking on the door this morning

Regret you forever dreaming night

Dew drops on the porch or tears?

Missing love so much can not put into words.

You go wherever you are

I will pray for your happiness

Bring all my love with many wishes

Happy New Year, happy and peaceful!

New day greeting poem 10


Poetry: Diep Ly

Last night it was sunny outside

Wake up with me to welcome a new day

I spread my love for you the long way you came

Wherever you are, you will not feel lonely.

I hope your life is lucky and peaceful

Suffering and sorrow go away forever

Happiness, joy, love left

At the end of my life, I wait for you.


Poetry: Tran Huu

Beautiful morning full of happiness

Happy future to you!

Success always comes to people

Good luck, life blooms

Smiling lips are so charming

Pink heart shines rhyme

Remember to love and look forward to every hour

Love is full of sweet poetry

How many memories we gave

A bright smile removes resentment

Wishing our love forever glue

Happy more sad less – anger flies away

Warm, smooth, flowing poetry

A distant place imbued with dreams

Hey man! I’m still waiting

Let him continue the lyrical poem…

1662172781 488 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diep


Everyone please smile

Welcome a new day…to a beautiful life

Even though everywhere

Being South or North is still with sadness

Laugh until tears don’t flow

The pain does not come to the sadness that passes quickly

Hey, remember this sentence

A smile can relieve pain a hundred times

Smile… fatigue will melt

Such a dose is more than a thousand elixir

After reading it, remember to try it right away

Please don’t tell Thao to bother you

This time the cock crows te tái

It must be morning… friends wake up

Smile on your lips

Welcome the new day with happy poems.

P/S: Green Thao Dien wishes you all a happy, productive and energetic new week. And most of all, always have a smile on your face.


The morning light shines on the world

Dispel the dark night a brooding black

Warm your heart with the morning sun

Open your mind with all your heart

Bring each other with happy laughter

Wish each other a happy new day

(Duc Long)

Good Morning Poems

Forget the foolish joys

Just keep chasing persistently

It also clears up some concerns

How many long nights are wet shoulder

Let it go to the past

Devote your life to your future career

Looking at the bright horizon

With the open road tomorrow

(Quit To Van)


Today is weekend

Wishing you a happy spirit

Leave everything behind

Welcome good luck, welcome joy!

Live a noble life

Old and young, respectful and full of love

Smiles spread in all ten directions

Dawn shines on the way to the future.

(Le Qui Thanh)


In the morning, the sky and earth are still clear.

Chirping birds chirping as welcome.

Welcome to the new day, the day of others.

The dawn opens for a long and beautiful day.

For many couples on the bright path of life.

Don’t worry about walking with life.

(Drunk on love)

1662172791 845 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diepGOOD POET TO HAVE A NEW DAY

New day has come

Wake up everyone

Let’s go for a walk together

See the streets

Flower seller

I do gymnastics

Come on let’s wake up


Let’s wake up

Brush your teeth and wash your face

Happy new day

Then go back to sleep!!

…. Wishing you all a very happy new year and lots of fun….

(White sand)


Helo is helo

Hello ladies

Ladies and Gentlemen

Happy New Year

A brand new smile

Welcome to the new day

To my loved ones

An immense love

Wishing you far away soldier

Faith and health

Happy New Year

Keep the country still

I wish my parents

Always have good health

Wishing young friends

Achieve your dreams

Send smiles in poetry

Who accidentally read it

Help me fulfill my dream

So let’s smile


Poems to greet the new day instead of wishing good morning to everyone

New Year’s greeting poetry is a very meaningful spiritual gift that anyone wants to receive. So every morning when you wake up, share a few poems below on social networks to spread the spirit of joy, positivity and help people have more motivation to start a new day.

1662172798 161 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diepNew day wishes in poetry 1

Wish you…

Happy enough to be sweet,

Challenging enough to be strong,

Enough pain to keep you human,

Hope enough to make you happy,

Enough failure to keep you humble,

Success enough to make you yearn,

Enough friends to bring you consolation,

Rich enough to meet his own needs,

Eager enough to look forward to,

Enough faith to banish sorrow,

Decisive enough to make each day better than yesterday.

New day wishes in poetry 2

Poetry, poetic, melancholy…

Hello to the soulmate on the banks of Hien Luong…

Afternoon must be in the “rear”,

In the morning, the “frontline” of the love for people…

1662172807 520 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diepNew day wishes in poetry 3

This morning is different from other mornings

On Facebook early in the morning

Watch over and over again

Wish you all a good tomorrow!

New day wishes in poetry 4

The sun shines through the window

The wind gently sways the beautiful braids

The sweet scent takes me to a dream

Happiness fills the whole space

Peaceful morning with soft mist

Raise your hand to gently lift each glitter

Feel the color of the morning sky

Dawn arrives, spreading humanity.

1662172816 376 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diep

New day wishes in poetry 5

Lazy morning, practice writing poetry

While the mind is still blank

Is there a neighbor who wakes up early?

Give me some excitement

Let’s just sit here and think

Let’s just sit and wait for the season to go away

Glittering in the morning and wandering

Follow the yellow butterfly to everywhere.

1662172822 134 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diep

New day wishes in poetry 6

Soon, a new sunny day

Bring back lots of love

Like spring is coming

Dyeing the whole world gold

Give me hope

Welcome to a new day soon

Suddenly back to the old days

I love music more

A little bit of sadness

I gave you that day

Early tomorrow, autumn will come

The wind blows a little bit of leaves

People or people are not windy

Blow through and blow back

Wind looking for some love

Where else is the problem?

The wind returns over the years

Let the leaves keep falling

Oh, follow the note

The sad tune that the wind lulls.

1662172830 722 TOP 55 Bai tho chao ngay moi mang thong diepWishing a new day with poetry 7

Simple leaf, hello new day

Green leaves say hello, buds sprout on the side branches

Welcoming the pink sun, sparkling with soft colors

Lift and remove the remaining dew on the body.

Oh leaves! Let’s be green forever!

Don’t drop or gasp, don’t fly anywhere!

Don’t keep looking, let’s dance together

with flowers to welcome the new day!

Oh leaves! I love you so much,

Love the blue color, love the smooth skin

Love the innocent look, love the pure soul

Oh leaves! You are forever green!

New day wishes in poetry 8

An early morning dew, shimmering sun

Two words of love, one silhouette

Reach out and touch lightly, flowers of the new day

Feel the warm, sweet scent flying.

So in the last article, we have sent you a whole set of poems to greet the new day filled with love and joy. Although not written with fancy words, but the positive message conveyed in each poem is priceless. Finally, thank you for reading this far and have a nice day!

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